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Perspective taking – The problems you are able to solve will decide your future and success.

Take any theory that aims to help you solve a complex problem and you will find Perspective taking at the core. As examples; all innovation theories starts with understanding the Perspective of an end-user and every negotiation theory I have seen revolves around understanding the perspective of the other party. Perspective taking is at the core of collaboration, teaming and Collective intelligence, and all dialogue models (regardless of if the aim is to solve a business opportunity or a marital problem) are…

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Progress and speed in complex environments – The Leadership Backbone model

I developed this model to help teams and organisations leverage the research available about collaboration in complexity and collective intelligence. It has been of great help to fast growing scale-ups and senior management teams in transforming incumbents. I hope it might be useful for you as well. If you are managing a organisation in a stable market with no sign of disruption I would suggest…

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