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Progress and speed in complex environments – The Leadership Backbone model

I developed this model to help teams and organisations leverage the research available about collaboration in complexity and collective intelligence. It has been of great help to fast growing scale-ups and senior management teams in transforming incumbents. I hope it might be useful for you as well. If you are managing a organisation in a stable market with no sign of disruption I would suggest…

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Influencing culture – A skills based approach

If you want to infuse Perspective-taking, or any other skill, into your organisation’s culture then your job is to help people connect the practice of Perspective-taking to successful outcomes. It is as simple as that. It will take time, and some work, but it is a straight forward process. Since the release of the Harvard Business School case study “Leading cultural change @ SEB” I have…

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Trust and culture in the financial industry

Rebuilding trust in institutions and organizations is vital for western society. Likewise, It is utterly important that employees can trust their organization to act ethically and fair. I do believe that building and rebuilding trust on the macro level will be a deciding factor for where western society goes from here. I also believe that, in the 80’s and 90’s the building of trust between…

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