Gain speed and overcome your organization’s challenges with the Leadership Backbone Growth and Transformation Engine.

“Our close collaboration with Per was crucial for taking Lifesum from a small startup to where we are today.”
– Marcus Gners, Co-founder Lifesum 
”We work with Per to continuously develop our management team and how we work together. Our collaboration with Per has been important and valuable for us and our rapid growth.”
– Alan Mamedi, Founder and CEO Truecaller

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After two decades of helping organizations solve tough challenges and reach strategic goals in complex environments, I have crystalized my knowledge into this Growth and Transformation Engine, a platform that will help your organization grow and transform the way my clients do.

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“I don’t know of anyone who is better at making research practically implementable than Per and I advise all transforming organizations to make use of his knowledge and cutting edge tools.”

– Michael Platt, Director of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative at the Wharton Business School