Per Hugander

My name is Per Hugander and my mission is to leverage research to release untapped potential in people and organizations. 

Per has been a fantastic coach and he has helped us identify and focus on our important, complex topics. Per has helped us build a tight knit management team and an organisation that can grow Fishbrain into a successful, sustainable organization.

Johan Attby – CEO Fishbrain

 As long as track record goes I worked closely with the management teams of Truecaller, Fishbrain and Lifesum from their A-round days through their rapid growth and expansion. Currently, I work alot with Transformation of multinational companies and my work is described in the Harvard Business school case study “Leading culture change at SEB” written by Professor Amy Edmondson (author of “the fearless organization”).

When it comes to hands on (non consultant/advisory) innovation, strategy and leadership work I quit my job as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (2006) to become Chief Strategy Officer, and head of social projects, at a social innovation NGO (Fryshuset, 450 FTE’s). Some of our projects, including EXIT/PASSUS (de-radicalization of youth and defectors from organized crime), Electra/Sharafs hjältar (Honor related suppression), Barn till Ensamma Mammor (single household poverty) and Nätvandrarna (support to youth through social networks and gaming) went on to have a massive influence on how we address these social issues in Sweden, in the EU and beyond (as government advisors). If you could translate human suffering into cash these projects would all be Unicorns in their own rights and have a valuation higher than any of the tech Unicorns I have worked with J

I started iero (means sanctuary in ancient greek) to innovate new ways to work with leadership development. It was a bootstrap, eco-system approach and today more than 500 executive’s and change-makers are developing together in the iero eco-system. I divested this company a few years back to make room for new input and experiences.

We work with Per to continuously develop our management team and how we work together. Additionally key individuals from Truecaller attend Per’s leadership trainings. Our collaboration with Per has been important and valuable for us and our rapid growth.

Alan Mamedi, CEO Truecaller

Currently, my aim is to take the most relevant academic research in the fields of Innovation, Leadership, Transformation and come up with ways to make it practically useful, and implementable.

 The last few years I have been blessed to work with professors and researchers from the worlds best business schools including Wharton, Harvard, MIT and INSEAD as well as living legends in the field of Leadership, Brian Bacon and Jim Tamm. It’s been a blessing. Before my time as an entrepreneur I had the chance to be a part of (and later member of the Board of directors) MiL institute where I did not only have the chance to learn from the best in the field of leadership development, but also to support amazing companies ranging from Sweden’s largest (think furniture and the colors of the Swedish flag) to some of Sweden’s fastest growing multinationals.

 On this blog I will share my thoughts and ideas, and most importantly my 3 Leadership backbone skills and how you can put them to use to improve your life and the world.

This is a side project from my full time job so I might not have time to make the most beautiful posts, but I promise that their content will help you and your organisation upgrade your ability to realise your vision, goals and purpose.